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Environmental Control

Medina Agriculture has become very much involved with enhanced microbial processes for degrading hydrocarbons in soils. In 1990 the Bioremediation Division was organized to support this market. Since that time this division has developed and now markets a full line of bioremediation products. Efforts continue to develop new products and improve existing products as the [...]

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Since the advent of high-output farming in the 1950s, the importance of organic matter and soil health has been overlooked by many agriculturists. As a result, millions of acres of farm land are dangerously low in organic matter and microbial activity. Farmers are discovering that no matter how much chemical fertilizer is applied, the soil [...]

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Over 150 years ago, Justus Von Liebig, known as the architect of chemical fertilizers, discovered that plant productivity increased when chemical compounds of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium were added to the soil. The original intent of chemical fertilizers was only to supplement the soil's basic organic matter. As microorganisms digest plant residues, they secrete polysaccharides. [...]

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