Our Company’s Story

The idea for Medina started back in 1962 when Arthur Franke met James Martin at the Frontier Cafe in Hondo, Texas and they planned to make some of Mr. Martin’s catalyst that stimulates microbes to use on Mr. Franke’s farmland. His farmland had become so compacted that his Farmall H tractor could no longer plow his fields. After the harvest, and Arthur’s yields were larger and his soil was soft under his feet, the Medina Company was incorporated. This catalyst, or Medina Soil Activator, would later expand into a whole line of organic products for farming and gardening.

Plant productivity is directly related to the activity and level of the microorganisms in the soil. Without the army of microbes, the soil will soon become hard and compacted; water and oxygen will not be readily absorbed; the roots will be underdeveloped; the plant will be poorly fed; soon weeds and disease will take residence and rob the plant of its good health. Microbes, the invisible caretakers of all crops, are the key to healthy, profitable plant production.