Since the advent of high-output farming in the 1950s, the importance of organic matter and soil health has been overlooked by many agriculturists. As a result, millions of acres of farm land are dangerously low in organic matter and microbial activity. Farmers are discovering that no matter how much chemical fertilizer is applied, the soil is not capable of increased production. The reason is simple: the biological life in the soil has become exhausted by intense production, over- application of chemicals and by compaction. Medina products are compatible with nearly every crop management practice. It entails the use of biological stimulators, like Medina Soil Activator to strengthen existing soil microbes while causing them to become more efficient and productive. Medina Soil Activator is like a health food drink for microbes. It supplies them with energy to perform their immense tasks. Medina is not an enzyme. It is not a bacterium, not a living organism. It is a highly- developed biochemical respiratory process. These processes make for the most efficient organic transformation.