BOC (Biological Odor Control)


BOC (Biological Odor Control)

Odors are caused when living organisms decay and rot, giving off gas and noxious fumes. The presence of odors usually means there is an imbalance in the natural decaying process. The best way to control odors is by controlling the microbial activity and balance. BOC quickly gets rid of odors by balancing the microbial activity and keeps the odors from returning. It contains safe biological activators that supercharge the naturally occurring biological reduction process. BOC changes foul smelling anaerobic decomposition conditions to odorless aerobic conditions. Use BOC to control or manage odors throughout the house including the bathroom, kitchen, closets, garage, pet areas, trash pails, fireplace, carpets, sinks, automobiles and anywhere else odor is a problem. Available in quart, gallon, 5 gallon and larger.

Natural biological stimulator
Contains no perfumes or masking agents
100% environmentally safe
No chemicals, toxic substances, or organisms

Ready to use, no mixing required. Just spray BOC on and around odor areas. Allow adequate time for noticeable odor reduction to occur. For stubborn odors, repeat application every 3-4 days as needed.

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